Thursday, October 15, 2009

Roger Corman and Joe Dante Have Turned Cory Feldman into a Zombie, and We Get to Decide His Fate!

How cool is this? B-movie maestro Roger Corman is producing a series of horror Webisodes staring the one and only Cory Feldman as a vengeful, undead rock star. Genre icon Joe Dante is directing, and, best of all, WE get decide how the story plays out. According to Bloody Disgusting, "Mr. Corman, making his Internet video debut at age 83, is opening up the creative direction of the series by asking the public to vote on the fate of its characters." So it's kinda like a "Choose Your Own Adventure" horror series with Cory Feldman. Weird and very cool. In fact, I like the premise enough to overlook the use of the word "frenemies" in the press release.

So, what do ya think? Will we finally get the chance to see Feldman do in his lamer half, Cory Haim?

Check out the preview at Netflix.


  1. Lol sweet man! Dante is one crazy director.

  2. And Corman is no slouch, either! Feldman isn't exactly dependable, but it's kinda cool just to see him in something again.