Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Rambo Will Be Fighting Aliens in His Next Moive, But Not the Kind I was Hoping For

I know the 'Rambo' series has nothing really to do with horror, sci-fi, monsters, mutants or aliens, but I hoped that it one day would. You see, I remember reading this article shortly after 'Rambo' was released last year.

If you're too lazy to click the link, let me sum it up for you: Stallone spoke about how he had already taken the Rambo character as far as he could with war, so if a part 5 was ever going to get made, he was going to take the series in an entirely different direction. He said "I would like to take Rambo to another genre, experiment a little with the character. It would definitely not be another war movie. I can't go any further with that than what I've already done."

So ever since I read that statement, my crazy mind has been dreaming of Rambo's guns and brawn vs. an alien menace. At the very least, I was picturing something supernatural in nature, but, alas, that is not the case. He's going to be messing with aliens, but not the kind I like to discuss on this site. According to AICN, he's "rescuing a young girl snatched at the US/Mexico border. That rescue operation pits him against drug lords and human traffickers."

Look, I'm happy to get another Rambo movie of any kind, but imagine the possibility of 'Rambo 5: The Alien Encounter' or 'Rambo 5: Rambo vs. Godzilla'! The possibilities are endless. I should've known better, but can you imagine how cool would that have been? Admittedly, it probably would've destroyed any hope Stallone might harbor for 'Rambo 6,' but I sure as hell would've paid my $10 to see it!

Oh well, maybe Stallone can make a pertinent political statement about the shocking violence that's occurring along the U.S./Mexican border right now. Anything's possible, right?


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