Friday, August 28, 2009

Does Anyone Else Think It's Strange this Chick Would Decide to Go Spelunking Again?

Since I haven't posted a trailer for anything yet today, here is one for 'The Decent Part 2' which looks exactly, and I mean exactly like the first 'Decent.' I thought the original was pretty cool, but the monsters kinda took something out of it for me. Normally I'm all for monsters of any kind in just about any film, but since the chicks had enough other shit going on, it felt kinda like those cave creatures were just thrown in during the third act. Hopefully, we'll see more fully-realized subterranean baddies in this next picture. Also, I like that they actually added the 'Part 2' instead of just slapping a number on it or changing the name a bit. Makes it feel more like a horror flick from the 80s.

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